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Tips for LASIK Surgery Preparation LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is the most widely performed laser eye surgery for the treatment of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. And as with other types of surgery, this procedure requires the patient to prepare for it. If you’re scheduled for LASIK surgery, there are a few guidelines you need to observe. Certainly, all cases are never exactly the same, and your surgeon and optometrist will make sure you understand everything you have to do ahead of the surgery, but here are the most crucial steps in the preparation process: 1.Take time off from work. First of all, arrange some time away from work. Most patients are able to go back to work in 24 hours after LASIK, but some need up to 4 days to fully recover. During your initial visit, your surgeon will discuss this with you, giving you time to make appropriate arrangements.
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2.Have someone drive you home.
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Patients should not drive or even use public transport immediately after treatment, so find someone to take you home. A friend or family member can perhaps pick you up, or let them tag along while you have the surgery. 3.Get a helping hand. On the day of your procedure, ask someone to come with you to the clinic, not only so you can get a ride home, but for moral support and perhaps some small help (for example, to assist you in the restroom after the surgery). In most cases, you will be able to bring one or two persons with you. 4.Let your eyes rest. If your home is quite far from the clinic, it may be convenient for you to stay in local hotel on the night following the procedure. It’s important not to engage in stressful activities or those that may require a high level of focus at this time. 5.Stay alcohol-free. As alcohol can dry your eyes, you need to avoid it 24 hours prior to and following the surgery. This includes products with a high alcohol content, such as hair mousse, cologne, and the like. 6.Skip make-up. Don’t wear make-up at least 24 hours prior to surgery. Eye make-up specifically can lead to problems for the surgeon and your eyes, so make it a point to clean your face totally on this day. 7.Wear something comfortable and lint-free. Finally, on the day of the surgery, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and avoid anything made from wool or can produce lint. Just like make-up, those small fibres could get in the way of the laser’s energy. Laser eye surgery provides a lot of benefits and can substantially improve your quality of life. Most achieve 20/20 vision after the surgery, although this can differ from patient to patient. In any case, the right preparation can increase your chances of getting better results.