Harrington Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help Victims After a Fight

Is it possible to sue for injuries sustained in a fight? Regardless of how hard a person may work to avoid it, there is always a chance of being involved in an altercation. From brain injuries to black eyes, fights can cause a variety of problems. Below are some points to consider when determining which steps to take after a confrontation.

A Lawsuit Can be Filed in the Absence of Criminal Charges

Irrespective of whether a fight results in criminal charges, when an injury is caused by reckless, negligent or intentional conduct, the victim can gain compensation for his/her injuries by hiring Harrington Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys. However, not all injuries make for a valid or worthwhile claim. Victims should consider the below factors when deciding whether to file a personal injury claim.

Knowing Who Caused the Victim’s Injuries

In the middle of a fight, things can get confusing and it may be difficult to determine liability. In an altercation that involves strangers and multiple participants, the victim’s first step is to find out who caused his/her injuries. A personal injury attorney can help a victim investigate if it has proven difficult to determine the identity of an unknown assailant.

The Extent of a Victim’s Bodily Injuries and Property Damage

Injuries sustained in a fight can be minor, or they can be severe enough to be life-altering. Not every injury is worth the hassle, time and expense associated with a personal injury lawsuit. If a person’s injuries didn’t warrant medical treatment, or they did not cause additional damages such as lost income, it may be advisable for a victim to cut his/her losses.

The Victim’s Role in the Altercation

If a person does something to start a fight or make the situation worse, he or she may have to overcome the other person’s claims of self-defense to recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

The Burden of Proof

To win a personal injury case, a victim must fulfill certain elements. Firstly, the victim must prove that his/her damages were caused by the other party to recover for injuries and property damage. A personal injury lawyer can help a victim find and gather important evidence such as surveillance video and eyewitness accounts of the event.