Bad Web Design and Cheap Web Design Are Not the Same

The elitist belief in web design is that a cheap website is just bad and websites need to cost a certain amount to be worth much of anything. It is a flawed argument and one that is explored below.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it leaves room for everyone. There is a perfectly acceptable and profitable “universe” of designers who pop out cheap websites in large numbers. These websites are not in-depth. This distinction does not make them bad. The website may be servicing its goals of hosting, say, a single image or a link elsewhere to help funnel viewers. Websites do not need to be complicated machines the scale and size of Twitter or IGN. They could be fundamentally small and refined. The cheap price tag makes sense.

The adage “you get what you pay for” may not apply in web design. This is because of the complexities and differing varieties of websites. They are not all born the same and they do not all do the same thing. A social website has a very different goal in mind than a splash page. Some websites have no financial component at all. Where would these websites rest in the “good or bad” scale? The matter of web design platforms, such as Weebly, only further complicate the matter. Is a website built on Weebly (a monthly web design interface) generally worse than one that does not have a monthly platform? These platforms can be restrictive. But, if the website is a blog, do these restrictions matter?

All of this goes to say that choosing a web designer is a little challenging. It may be best to find one that understands the goal of the website. He or she (or the team) should understand what the client is asking for, whether it is a splash page with an image or a complex and large-scale interface.

Bad design is not fundamentally cheap and good design fundamentally expensive. Bad design doesn’t do what it set out to do, and good design goes. It may have nothing to do with price at all. Visit for more on modern web design.